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Album Review: Scars & Stories by The Fray

1. Heartbeat, 2. The Fighter, 3. Turn Me On, 4. Run For Your Life, 5. The Wind, 6. 1961, 7. I Can Barely Say, 8. Munich, 9. Here We Are, 10. 48 To Go, 11. Rainy Zurich, 12. Be Still

One of the things that I enjoyed about this album is that it covers a variety of topics, but one downfall, in my opinion, is a lack of focus. The band has explained that in order to get inspiration for new songs, they traveled around the world. Because of that, one of the central themes found throughout the album is that of taking a journey, and that’s what ultimately manages to tie all the songs together.

In the song The Wind someone is literally/lyrically lost at sea but is metaphorically lost in life, and maybe that wasn’t a conscious decision but it’s nonetheless the journey they’re currently trying to navigate. I Can Barely Say deals with leaving one’s home only to later want to go back, but unsure on whether the doors will be open. 48 To Go is all about living in the moment, a blissful moment, as described while taking a road trip. Perhaps deliberately, the album ends with a song titled Be Still, which is about reaffirming one’s support for and to another person.

I don’t feel like this album has a song of the same caliber as How To Save A Life and You Found Me, which are the two hits from this band’s two previous albums. Possibly the closest song to that would be the first single, Heartbeat, as it follows a similar formula, but in my opinion it’s not one of the better songs from the album.

Not a great or horrible album, it’s just somewhere in the middle. Album rating: 3/5.

Favorite Song: The Fighter

“Maybe we were meant to be lonely
Maybe we were meant to be on our own
Loneliness has always been with me
But maybe we don’t have to be all alone

What breaks your bones
Is not the load you’re carrying
What breaks you down
Is all in how you carry”

Least Favorite Song: 1961

Other Songs I Enjoyed: Turn Me On, The Wind, Here We Are, Rainy Zurich