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Album Review: Fallen Empires by Snow Patrol

1. I'll Never Let Go, 2. Called Out In The Dark, 3. The Weight Of Love, 4. This Isn't Everything You Are, 5. The Garden Rules, 6. Fallen Empires, 7. Berlin, 8. Lifening, 9. New York, 10. In The End, 11. Those Distant Bells, 12. The Symphony, 13. The President, 14. Broken Bottles From A Star (Prelude)

If you’ve heard their previous hit songs, Chasing Cars and Run, then you probably know not to expect to hear many upbeat or cheerful songs from this band. Snow Patrol’s style of music is much more mellow, sad, and slow than other artists. Even though that’s still apparent in this album, they did manage to deviate from that pattern, even if just barely. The few songs that are a little bit more upbeat in this set are Called Out In The Dark, The Weight Of Love, In The End, and The Symphony.

From what I gather, the main theme in this album is about being isolated and lonely. From the singer’s point of view, it’s someone who has lost (particularly, love), is fantasizing about the past, and is yearning for better times. The Garden Rules, New York, and In The End are the songs most geared in this direction.

The low points of this album, in my opinion, are This Isn’t Everything You Are (lacks a strong melody), Those Distant Bells (lacks depth and clarity), and Fallen Empires (lacks structure and variance). I thought that throughout the album, there were parts in songs that lacked rhythm. Even though not every line has to rhyme, you would expect some sort of flow from one line to another, but that flow wasn’t always there.

This type of music isn’t for everybody’s ears, unless they like to drown in melancholy. Album rating: 2.5/5

Favorite Song: The Symphony

“Cause you can see the road ahead in your dream
The engine’s more a sigh than a scream
Your ghosts look more like angels from there
The coast comes like a raft of warm air”

Least Favorite Song: Those Distant Bells

Other Songs I Enjoyed: Called Out In The Dark, New York