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Album Review: Transit Of Venus by Three Days Grace

1. Sign Of The Times, 2. Chalk Outline, 3. The High Road, 4. Operate, 5. Anonymous, 6. Misery Loves My Company, 7. Give In To Me, 8. Happiness, 9. Give Me A Reason, 10. Time That Remains, 11. Expectations, 12. Broken Glass, 13. Unbreakable Heart

I still vividly remember the first time I heard this band. I was a 14 year old boy flipping through channels on a Saturday night. For a brief moment I landed on a music video on MTV before changing the channel; a second or two later I decided to flip back to it. Something about this band just caught my attention, and they’ve been my favorite band ever since. The music video, by the way, was for I Hate Everything About You, their first single.

Every three years since then (2003), they have released a new album (which if you ask me, is a really long time in between). Album one was good, album two is inarguably my favorite, and album three is pretty good. I’ve been waiting three long years, and unfortunately this new album is easily my least favorite of the four.

My interpretation of 3DG’s music has always been that it’s about being an outsider, isolated, hurt, and in pain. It’s about those kids who don’t fit here or there and are trying to navigate through life alone, lacking support and affection from others in the way. On the surface, some of their songs can be taken to be about romantic relationships but they actually go beyond that obvious interpretation. Depending on how you look at them, some songs deal about relationships, or lack thereof, with family, friends, and even one’s self.

This album, to no surprise, really continues on all of those themes. While album number two went into a dark place, album number three switched over to some more encouraging standpoints. This album is not quite as dark, but not quite as light either. So it’s not really a hybrid of the two perspectives, but instead it lands somewhere in between the two points. Kind of like the transit of Venus, where it lands in between the Earth and the Sun. Clever analogy, right?

The low points in this album are: Anonymous (which lacks content and substance), Happiness (which can easily be mistaken for another of their older songs, The Good Life, based on the intro but actually has a contrasting message), and Give Me A Reason (which lacks a sense of flow).

Onto the high points. Coincidentally one of them is The High Road, a dichotomous song about optimism and pessimism, about giving and receiving. On the one hand you want to and are trying to overcome your troubles, but you can’t quite do it alone and you depend on someone else to help you. Then we have Expectations, which has a really unique and unexpected tone and rhythm, as well as content. It’s a song that takes a progressive narrative approach, starting with the life of a young girl and the expectations of her to that of a young woman and the expectations she failed to live up to. It can generalize to anyone whose life didn’t turn out the way they thought or planned it would. Unbreakable Heart is an ideal ending to this album, as it ends on a positive note. The song is about being undefeated, by not allowing those around you to break you down and having the determination to come out on top.

Thoughts on the remaining songs:

  • Sign Of The Times: slow paced song about having a breakthrough of some sort, though not necessarily a good one.
  • Chalk Outline: hard hitting song about a lover doing you wrong and taking you for granted.
  • Operate: the negative effects that someone has on you, like a drug.
  • Misery Loves My Company: song title says it all, about being miserable and not wanting to take the comfort from others.
  • Give In To Me: after doing some reading, I found out that this one is a Michael Jackson cover.
  • Time That Remains: making the best of the amount of time you have left.
  • Broken Glass: analogy between the fragileness of glass to the delicateness in people.

The first time I listened to the album I was disappointed. I’ve heard it a few times now, and each time I like it more. However, no matter how much it grows on me I don’t think it will surpass album two or three in favorableness. Hopefully album five will arrive before 2015. Fingers crossed.

Album rating: 3/5.

Favorite Song: The High Road

“There’s times I stayed alive for you
There’s times I would have died for you
There’s times it didn’t matter at all

Will you help me find the right way up
Or let me take the wrong way down
Will you strain me out
Or make me take the long way around

I took the low road in
I’ll take the high road out
I’ll do whatever it takes
To be the mistake you can’t live without”

Least Favorite Song: Anonymous

Other Songs I Enjoyed: Misery Loves My Company, Give In To Me, Expectations, Unbreakable Heart

Album Review: Blown Away by Carrie Underwood

1. Good Girl, 2. Blown Away, 3. Two Black Cadillacs, 4. See You Again, 5. Do You Think About Me, 6. Forever Changed, 7. Nobody Ever Told You, 8. One Way Ticket, 9. Thank God For Hometowns, 10. Good In Goodbye, 11. Leave Love Alone, 12. Cupid’s Got A Shotgun, 13. Wine After Whiskey, 14. Who Are You

The opening track and first single, Good Girl, follows in the steps of Before He Cheats and Cowboy Casanova, two singles from her previous albums, in that it’s a mix of country and rock and roll and the topic is an unworthy guy.

Then we get the songs Blown Away and Two Black Cadillacs, both of which have a darker feel since they deal with the death of a father/husband. Later in the album there’s Forever Changed, a song about her/a mother, and Thank God For Hometowns, which deals with more death, marriage, and other hometown occurrences; both songs seem to lack rhythm.

For the love related songs we have See You Again, Do You Think About Me, Good In Goodbye, and Wine After Whiskey. Out of the four, Good In Goodbye is the only one with a happy ending, while the rest are still stuck on an old lover in some way.

Two standouts in this album are One Way Ticket and Cupid’s Got A Shotgun. The former has a relaxed Jamaican feel to it, which is really unexpected, and it’s about moving forward in life. The latter is probably the most straightforward country song of the album, and it has a fun fast paced approach.

Blown away, I am not. Carrie Underwood has a great voice and it shows in this album, but the songs in general are not “wow!” Album rating: 3/5.

Favorite Song: See You Again

“I can hear those echoes in the wind at night
Calling me back in time
Back to you
In a place far away
Where the water meets the sky
The thought of it makes me smile
You are my tomorrow”

Least Favorite Song: Thank God For Hometowns

Other Songs I Enjoyed: Good Girl, Good In Goodbye, Wine After Whiskey

Album Review: Strange Clouds by B.o.B

1. Bombs Away, 2. Ray Bands, 3. So Hard To Breathe, 4. Both Of Us, 5. Strange Clouds, 6. So Good, 7. Play For Keeps, 8. Arena, 9. Out Of My Mind, 10. Never Let You Go, 11. Chandelier, 12. Circles, 13. Just A Sign, 14. Castles, 15. Where Are You

One thing about B.o.B is that he sure does hold himself on a high pedestal and he’s not afraid to proclaim it. A lot of his songs involve him rapping about how good he is, this is a constant theme. It gets to be a little too much self-boasting, however, and even he points it out in the closing track Where Are You (B.o.B vs. Bobby Ray) when he (B.o.B) tells himself (Bobby Ray), “now on your records all that you do is brag.” If admitting your problem is the first step to recovery, then B.o.B is well on his way to recovering himself.

B.o.B also raps a lot about where he has been and where he is now. It’s another constant theme, one of self-reflection, which creates various dualities (past and present, poor and rich, struggles and success, etc). For this, listen to the songs So Hard To Breathe, Both Of Us, Chandelier, and Castles. These songs set up a classic case of you can’t please everyone, as some are happy for him but some are disappointed in who he has become.

Another set of songs, Ray Bands, So Good, Never Let You Go, and Circles are geared towards the love interest route.

Considering that rap is not my genre of preference, I still found this album to be tolerable and listenable. Album rating: 3/5.

Favorite Song: Chandelier [ft. Lauriana Mae]

“What’s a song if it don’t have words?
What’s the word if it don’t get heard?
You can paint it anyway that you like
How can you get the picture if it come out blurred?
What life taught me can’t be unlearned
And every bridge can’t be unburned”

Least Favorite Song: Circles

Other Songs I Enjoyed: So Hard To Breathe, Both Of Us, So Good, Out Of My Mind

Album Review: Picture Show by Neon Trees

1. Moving In The Dark, 2. Teenage Sounds, 3. Everybody Talks, 4. Mad Love, 5. Weekend, 6. Lessons In Love (All Day, All Night), 7. Trust, 8. Close To You, 9. Hooray For Hollywood, 10. Still Young, 11. I Am The D.J.

At first I wasn’t a fan of this group’s popular song Animal, but it eventually grew on me… just now, about two years after its release. And though I have yet to take a full listen to their first album, Habits, I was intrigued enough to listen to this second album, Picture Show.

The big picture theme on this album is one that can be found in almost any album, and that’s a theme about love. More than half of the songs cover this topic. One smaller theme is about fantasy and desire, as found in Everybody Talks, Weekend, Close To You, and Still Young. The remaining songs have no real connection to each other in terms of topics, but of course do have musical similarities.

  • Moving In The Dark: Fun and fast paced song that has a church/choir feel, yet it also reminds me a little bit of Animal at times. Presumably talking about having sex and blowing your worries away (no pun), based on the line “Set fire with just a little spark, that’s how it goes when you’re moving in the dark.”
  • Teenage Sounds: A unique song about the music industry, and being unhappy with where it’s at. Has a faster pace than the opening track.
  • Everybody Talks: I interpret this song being about an unattainable love that is only attained by making it up through rumors/gossip/chatter. The chorus is catchy, but not the strongest first-single option.
  • Mad Love: Slower tempo song, about a couple being inseparable, indestructible, and in-love, Features a female voice for parts of it.
  • Weekend: Living a fantasy love dream, even if for just a short time, or at least that’s what I gather from the repetitive “We can pretend, pretend for the weekend” line.
  • Lessons In Love (All Day, All Night): This song is a collaboration with Kaskade, and there are different versions for each others’ albums. I prefer the one on this album over the one in Kaskade’s album. And it would have been a much better first single choice.
  • Trust: About being honest, because it all comes back to bite you. The longest song of the bunch that starts with a nice piano melody that I wish would have made up more of the song instead of the electro sounds that follow.
  • Close To You: Mellow song, about wanting, and asking to be with someone, perhaps to protect them? Not sure…
  • Hooray For Hollywood: Sort of a Hollywood homage as it mentions many stars that have passed away.
  • Still Young: Wanting to have someone come back and live in the moment? Again, not sure… The chorus is the best part.
  • I Am The D.J.: Metaphorical song with the DJ/record representing the “me/you” relationship.

Is this album amazing enough to blow my mind away? No. But it’s good enough to have me wanting more. Album rating: 3.75/5.

Favorite Song: Lessons In Love (All Day, All Night)

“All day, all night
I got the lights in my eyes
And I’m falling for you
Keep cool, stay tough
But that’s never enough
And these are the lessons in love

All day, all night
I got the lights in my eyes
And I’m falling for you
Keep cool, stay young
I’m just having my fun
With the lessons in love”

Least Favorite Song: I Am The D.J.

Other Songs I Enjoyed: Moving In The Dark, Teenage Sounds, Trust, Close To You

Album Review: Pink Friday, Roman Reloaded by Nicki Minaj

1. Roman Holiday, 2. Come On A Cone, 3. I Am Your Leader, 4. Beez In The Trap, 5. HOV Lane, 6. Roman Reloaded, 7. Champion, 8. Right By My Side, 9. Sex In The Lounge, 10. Starships, 11. Pound The Alarm, 12. Whip It, 13. Automatic, 14. Beautiful Sinner, 15. Marilyn Monroe, 16. Young Forever, 17. Fire Burns, 18. Gun Shot, 19. Stupid Hoe, 20. Turn Me On, 21. Va Va Voom, 22. Masquerade

It’s no surprise to me that I’m finally enjoying Nicki Minaj’s music, ever since being featured in David Guetta’s Turn Me On, it’s gone dance-y, just the way I like it! Then again I never listened to her whole first album, so I wouldn’t know what her music sounded like before, but as far as I’m concerned she’s known strictly as a rap artist. Now, she manages to still give rap, but also R&B and pop, all in one album.

The album starts off with the pure rap songs (the first seven), most of which deal with being the bad-bitch-boss-lady who’s made it big. That’s the album’s first theme: success. It’s apparent in Come On A Cone, I Am Your Leader, Beez In The Trap, HOV Lane, and Champion. Humbled much? Not Nicki Minaj.

We briefly hit a couple of R&B tunes, Right By My Side and Sex In The Lounge, with the former being the better of the two and also featuring Chris Brown. Then, kind of unexpectedly and out of nowhere, we arrive at pop-dance tracks, and the second main theme of the album: just having fun and dancing the night away. Starships, the current single, is addicting (to me at least). Pound The Alarm, has a little rap and a little Pitbull (I think), whether it’s him or not, this song needs a remix with him pronto. Whip It and Automatic are enjoyable, but the previous two songs are just slightly better. Nicki explains that Roman, one of her alter egos, comes out when she’s angry (I did my research), so it’s fitting that one of the lines in the first song, Roman Holiday, is “Take your medication, Roman/Take a short vacation, Roman” considering that the album heads towards a much happier, dance driven place.

Back to R&B. Beautiful Sinner is a song that should feature Rihanna singing the non-rap sections, as the lyrics sound like her kind of content. Marilyn Monroe is Nicki at her most vulnerable spot, I think, as she recognizes that even the great can fall. Young Forever shows more vulnerability as she remembers an old flame, whom she still holds in the same light as the last time she saw him. A few lack luster songs follow, before finishing on a good note with Va Va Voom and Masquerade.

Some music fans will not be happy with the reduced focus on the rap genre, but others will be happy to see some more mainstream songs. Even Nicki Minaj admits this as she says “I guess I went commercial” on the track Roman Reloaded, yet she also says that “Bang, my shit bang, it bang bang/B-b-bang, my shit bang it bang bang.” You can’t please everyone unfortunately. I have to point out that even in the R&B inspired and pop inclined songs, there’s still some rap in them; that remains an integral part of the album throughout. Overall, I enjoyed most of the songs on this album, which surprised me. Album rating: 4/5.

Favorite Song: Beautiful Sinner

“And maybe I’m naive for loving you
You’re a cheat and a liar
But tonight you’re everything I desire
You beautiful sinner
I love your wicked heart
Beautiful sinner
It’s such a work of art”

Least Favorite Song: Champion [ft. Nas, Drake, & Young Jeezy]

Other Songs I Enjoyed: Roman Reloaded, Right By My Side, Starships, Pound The Alarm, Marilyn Monroe, Va Va Voom, Masquerade

Album Review: MDNA by Madonna

1. Girl Gone Wild, 2. Gang Bang, 3. I’m Addicted, 4. Turn Up The Radio, 5. Give Me All Your Luvin’, 6. Some Girls, 7. Superstar, 8. I Don’t Give A, 9. I’m A Sinner, 10. Love Spent, 11. Masterpiece, 12. Falling Free, 13. Beautiful Killer, 14. I F***** Up, 15. B-Day Song, 16. Best Friend

Right off the bat we get started with an addicting dance song in Girl Gone Wild, unfortunately though, I feel it’s the only real dance song of the album, as most other songs would require a remix to play in a club. Moving on to the second song we have Gang Bang, which is a very-dark-in-content-fast-paced-techno-inspired track about beating someone to the punch (she kills her lover, who was gunning to kill her). These two first tracks are easily my favorite ones from this album.

As for the themes in this album, there appears to be two of them. The first is one of idolization (of a man), and can be found in the songs I’m Addicted (her man’s love is her drug), Superstar (her man having all the right qualities), Masterpiece (a perfect man, who’s hard to love), and Beautiful Killer (a man who is a beautiful killer?). The other reoccurring theme is of referencing her ex-husband, or so I think it is, as she touches on a former love in I Don’t Give A (moving on, holding her head high, and not caring what people say), Love Spent (wishing someone had loved her as much as they did her/his money), Falling Free (coming together just to go their separate ways), I F***** Up (taking the blame for a failed relationship), and Best Friend (having lost a best friend and no one being able to fill that void). The remaining songs are mainly happy and fun sounding, two of which have a retro 80’s and 60’s feel (Turn Up The Music and B-Day Song, respectively).

At first listen, I thought this album had a strong start, but was lack luster overall. On a second listen, I felt it sounded better and more cohesive. For the most part, I feel it’s a mellow pop album despite having some upbeat background sounds. Album rating: 3/5.

Favorite Song: Gang Bang (and also Girl Gone Wild)

“I thought you were good
But you painted me bad
Compared to the others
You’re the best thing I had

Bang Bang, shot you dead
Bang Bang, shot you dead”

Least Favorite Song: I F***** Up

Other Songs I Enjoyed: I’m Addicted, Give Me All Your Luvin’, I’m A Sinner, Beautiful Killer

Album Review: Teenage Dream, The Complete Confection by Katy Perry

Early review of an album that hasn’t been officially released, but then again it’s a re-release so it’s essentially already out, not to mention the 3 new songs have already been leaked.

I have to admit that back when Katy Perry released her first album, One Of The Boys, and her hit single, I Kissed A Girl, I thought she would become a one hit wonder (despite releasing a couple of other singles that did fairly well). However, when I listened to Teenage Dream almost two years ago I was pleasantly surprised at how good of an album it was. It’s a solid pop album that sticks to it’s theme throughout.

Some quick song notes:

  • Teenage Dream: the ultimate everything-is-perfect-lovey-dovey song from recent years
  • Circle The Drain: a rock-sounding song about someone who has allowed their life to go to waste
  • The One That Got Away: self-explanatory title, which ironically, and unfortunately, was the one release that didn’t reach #1 in order to achieve the record-breaking 6 number one singles off of one album feat.
  • Pearl: a female with potential for greatness, but being held back by her male lover
  • Not Like The Movies: about waiting for that perfect partner, who is out there somewhere
  • Hummingbird Heartbeat: innocent song about sex and feeling giddy  
  • Wide Awake: realizing that what was happening (in a relationship) wasn’t real or good
  • Dressin’ Up: mellow naughty song

If I was reviewing Teenage Dream, the original album, I would rate it 4.5/5. However, I feel that this re-release was unnecessary and the new songs don’t really add much to the album as a whole. For that reason the complete collection losses half a star. Album rating: 4/5.

Favorite Song: E.T. (without Kanye West)

 “Kiss me, ki-ki-kiss me
Infect me with your love and
Fill me with your poison

Take me, ta-ta-take me
Wanna be a victim
Ready for abduction

Boy, you’re an alien
Your touch so foreign
It’s supernatural

Least Favorite Song: Peacock

Other Songs I Enjoyed: Teenage Dream, Firework, The One That Got Away, Not Like The Movies, Part Of Me

Playlist: 10 Feel Good Songs

Photo taken from Flickr user: Andrea Costa Photography

This is a short collection of songs that make me feel good. Some accomplish that with the lyrics and some do it with the sound, others might do it via both. They are arranged in no particular order. Total playtime: ~36 minutes.

  1. First Time by Lifehouse
    All about love and taking that chance with someone. I associate this song to being in the honeymoon stage and visualize it playing during a summer concert outing.
  2. Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars
    Love song about someone being perfect just the way they are.
  3. I Come First by Ne-Yo
    An unreleased song and I don’t know why, because I think it’s a great song. It’s about having self-worth and not allowing someone to play or devalue you.
  4. Billionaire by Travie McCoy
    Day-dreaming about being rich and listing all the things that would be done with that money.
  5. XOXOXO by The Black Eyes Peas
    A fun, playful love song in which the lover is on the mind, all the time.
  6. Everybody Loves Me by OneRepublic
    I honestly don’t know what this song is saying, but it has a good feel to it.
  7. Do Ya Thang by Rihanna
    Seems to be about a friends with benefits type of situation, allowing your partner some freedom to do their thing…
  8. All I Need by Natasha Bedingfield ft. Kevin Rudolf
    Very positive song about not giving up, and being happy with what you have.
  9. Teenage Dream by Katy Perry
    This is the ultimate everything-is-perfect-lovey-dovey type song from recent years.
  10. Feels Good by Pitbull
    This is another unreleased song about letting loose and having fun. Its title is fitting to end this list.

Playlist: 15 Tracks To Run To

I recently reached a 1500 milestone. I’ve been running for about 5 years, but have only been able to track my runs with mobile applications for about a year and a half. So really, I’ve ran at least twice as much. Nonetheless, I’ve picked 15 of my favorite songs that have helped me reach this distance. Total playtime: 55 minutes (enough for 5 miles).

5 Non-Current-Singles To Get You Going

  1. Fire In Your New Shoes by Kaskade ft. Dragonette
    Perfect song to get it all started. Beat gets you going without thumping too hard.
  2. Do It In The AM by Frankmusik ft. Far East Movement
    A little quieter/softer song. I personally think running is better to do it in the AM.
  3. Hangover by Taio Cruz ft. Flo Rida
    Fun type of song, but you probably won’t be running if you are indeed suffering from a hangover
  4. Where Have You Been by Rihanna
    Light thumping keeps those feet going. If you want to, you could imagine you’re running to find someone.
  5. I’m A Machine by David Guetta ft. Crystal Nicole
    Techno inspired song. You’re a machine, keep running!

5 Rock Songs To Push You Harder

  1. To Be Loved by Papa Roach
    Fast paced song, but not yet full-blown heavy rock.
  2. Metalingus by Alter Bridge
    Has a long intro, which I personally enjoy.
  3. Rollin’ by Limp Bizkit
    Halfway-through-the-run song, keeps you rolling…
  4. Superstar by Saliva
    This song has a breeze-like feeling at the beginning and a strong stretched-out ending.
  5. Step Up by Drowning Pool
    Probably the hardest-rock song of the bunch.

5 Recent-Releases To Finish Off Strong

  1. Sexy And I Know It by LMFAO
    This should be your inspiration song!
  2. International Love by Pitbull ft. Chris Brown
    Fun song, which can be used to imagine running around the world.
  3. Turn Me On by David Guetta ft. Nicki Minaj
    Another fun David Guetta dance song.
  4. We Run The Night by Havana Brown ft. Pitbull
    A relatively new song, without much exposure. Gets me going, and is perfect for a late night run?
  5. Turn Up The Music by Chris Brown ft. Rihanna
    The newest song of the bunch. I’m already obsessed with it.

Playlist: 14 Songs To Get It On

Photo taken from Flickr user: bitzcelt

For this Valentine’s Day, I’ve put together a list of my favorite songs that one can get it on to. There’s a mix of songs ranging from quiet to loud, slow to fast, passionate to aggressive. My musical taste is driven more towards the Pop-Rock-Top 40 stuff, so that’s what this list is mostly made up of. Total playtime (no pun intended): 1 hour.

In alphabetical order based on the artist’s name:

  1. Lovesong by Adele
    Very slow song, addressing an eternal type of love that brings out the best of you. This isn’t officially her song, but it’s the best version of them all. One of the few romantic, passionate songs on this list.
  2. Night Of Your Life by David Guetta ft. Jennifer Hudson
    Dance type of song with non-PG lyrics, but still doesn’t feel raunchy. Wanting long lasting love and in return getting the night of your life.
  3. Mouth2Mouth by Enrique Iglesias ft. Jennifer Lopez
    Semi-slow and seductive. Two people spending the night together, while thinking of someone else.
  4. Come On Closer by Jem
    Soft subtly sexy song, with some pounding and twinkling background sounds. About satisfying your partner and enjoying their reaction it in the process.
  5. E.T. by Katy Perry
    Techno type song, with very clever lyrics. Having fallen for a not-good-for-you-extra-terrestrial-being but willing to have them take over you.
  6. Lay It On Me by Kelly Rowland ft. Big Sean
    Fun and fast tuned. All about wanting to get it on, and get off.
  7. So Hott by Kid Rock
    Rock n roll and to the point. All about a one night fling. Probably not a good Valentine’s Day option…
  8. Secret by Maroon 5
    Slow and mellow type of song. Starts off with the subject being about traveling, and eventually the lyrics become innuendos.
  9. Crazy Love by Ne-Yo ft. Fabolous
    R&B song with a borderline sleazy sound. About a dysfunctional relationship.
  10. Killer Love by Nicole Scherzinger
    Racy and speedy type of song. A type of love that kills, but you enjoy it and can’t get enough.
  11. Closer by Nine Inch Nails
    This song is wrong, twisted, and explicit, but it works.
  12. Skin by Rihanna
    Provocative, vamp-ish type of song that doesn’t feel dirty. No heels, no shirt, no skirt, no jeans… just your skin.
  13. Make U Love Me by Robin Thicke
    Your ABC song: the arrogant, bad boy, cocky type.
  14. End:User by Vixtrola
    Slow and sensual song. About someone who takes you to another level.