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Album Review: Human Again by Ingrid Michaelson

1. Fire, 2. This Is War, 3. Do It Now, 4. I'm Through, 5. Blood Brothers, 6. Black And Blue, 7. Ribbons, 8. How We Love, 9. Palm Of Your Hand, 10. Ghost, 11. In The Sea, 12. Keep Warm, 13. End Of The World

A constant theme in this album is that of a significant other who’s done you wrong, either because they’ve cut you open, burned you down, locked you out, knocked you down, ripped through you, let you fall, let you go, walked away from you, crushed you, broken you down, or dropped you. All of those terms are used throughout the album. And yet at the end of it, Ingrid Michaelson sings “will you find me so that we can go together?” on the song End Of The World. That’s kind of twisted, but I suppose it’s common when dealing with love.

The only song not alluding to love is Do It Now, in which she sings “don’t waste a minute on the darkness and the pity sitting in your mind” in an attempt to inspire someone to take positive action in their life. In some of the others she sings without regret (I’m Through), willing to fight back (This Is War), coming to a realization (Black and Blue), even enjoying the pain (Palm Of Your Hand), and concerned with the smaller things in life (Keep Warm).

There’s a good variation of sounds too, Ghost is dark and daunting, Fire is quick paced, Do It Now is uplifting, Black and Blue has a seductive feel, and I’m Through and How We Love are more stripped down. I can’t compare this album to her previous ones because I’ve only heard a handful of her old songs, yet this album sounds like a good collection of songs, with a consistent theme. Album rating: 4/5

Favorite Song: Ghost

“I’m a ghost
Haunting these halls
Climbing up walls that I never knew were there
And I’m lost
Broken down the middle of my heart, heart
I’m broken down the middle of my heart, heart, heart
You know you make me a ghost
You make me a ghost”

Least Favorite Song: Palm Of Your Hand

Other Songs I Enjoyed: This Is War, I’m Through, Black and Blue, How We Love