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Pant-less Public Parade

Photo taken from Flickr user: Schaffner

Have you ever been caught without your pants? I have, by accident. But that’s a story for another day…

Today is a day that many people will be caught without their pants, on purpose. What apparently started as a prank has developed into a national event. The intention is to ride the subway without your pants and basically go about your ride as you normally would. In other words, you don’t point out the fact that people are not wearing pants.

But, why? Who knows, but I guess it’s a perfect opportunity for people to expose themselves, so to speak. And I suppose there’s no harm done, though, based on some of the pictures I’ve seen, some people do take the stunt a bit too far by wearing only underwear and/or underwear that is quite revealing.

As with any other celebration, event, or parade, this one has officially gone from being the obscure-but-eye-catching episode that it once started as, to the excuse-to-do-something-unusual event that it is now. While it’s not causing serious harm to anyone, I still question the reasoning behind this yearly January-event.

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