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Jumping Right Up To The 1%

Photo taken from Flickr user: Robert S. Donovan

One individual may find themselves becoming one of the richest individuals in the country, and part of the 1% over night thanks to the Mega Millions lottery.

There’s so much craze due to the grand prize being so high, which has now gone up from 540 to 640 million dollars, making it the biggest US (and possibly world) lottery prize ever. Does that mean another 100 million dollars worth of tickets have been bought/sold within the last few days?

According to the information presented in this article, about $1.46 billion dollars worth of tickets have been bought/sold that has led to the $640 million sum. So, in other words, this whole lotto thing is a rip off, since everyone collectively has spent almost three times the amount of the prize and could have just given that money to each other. I don’t know how this whole lottery stuff works (i.e. how the money is divided, where it all goes, etc.) and I don’t care enough to research it. But I think it says a lot that people are willing to spend so much money on something so unlikely to pay out, instead of donating that same money elsewhere, where the money is very much needed (e.g.  their home, immediate communities, organizations, charities, etc.). I’m not judging, really I’m not.

I would never say it’s bad to buy one or as many lottery tickets as you may like, because it’s practically harmless, unless you break your own wallet trying to win. But I feel that if someone is meant to win, they’ll win whether they spend $1 or $100 or $1,000. Yes, theoretically your odds of winning increase with the more tickets you buy, but realistically your odds are so bad in the first place that it really makes little difference. Not to mention, there’s really no strategy of determining which numbers are more likely to be pulled out; if you win, it’s due to pure luck and faith and not because you’re smarter than everyone else in cracking the code.

One big concern of mine, because I’m such a thoughtful person (sarcasm), is what the winner will do with the money. At first I thought a much better idea would be to split the one $640 million prize to six-hundred-and-forty $1 million prizes. However, after further consideration, $1 million nowadays seems like pocket change, especially after taxes, and I think people are more likely to spend that little amount of money (sarcasm) purely on themselves, and not really consider helping and donating to those in need. This is purely my negative assumption of people, I’m sorry for that. Hopefully the winner will do great deeds with that large sum of money.

Anyways, I didn’t buy any lottery tickets. But, had I considered buying at least one ticket, these would have been my numbers: 2, 16, 24, 42, 56; 10 (FML if those turn out to be the numbers). Good luck to all!

The Streak Is Broken

Photo taken from Flickr user: bored-now

I was hoping to write about this at a future date with much more attractive results. Unfortunately I can’t, because a streak I had going is officially broken.

Meeting new people at any point in time, whether it’s strangers, friends of friends, or co-workers, is a normal part of life, but to meet romantic interests on the same dates from year to year is a little more rare. For the past two years (2010 and 2011), there have been three specific weekends, the same in both years, in which I have met someone new. They are: 1) the weekend after Valentine’s Day, 2) the weekend of a conference I volunteer for in March, and 3) my birthday weekend in October.

Besides the dates, another similarity from year to year has been the level of involvement with these “romantic interests.” The two guys I’ve met in February I actually ended up dating for a few months, though not exclusively. Nothing really happened with the guys I’ve met in March, besides exchanging contact information. And for the guys from October, we kept in contact for a while but never officially dated.

Going into this year, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t curious to find out whether this streak would continue. I thought it would be a little too coincidental, but nice, if I indeed did meet another three guys on these three weekends. But I also thought that if it didn’t happen, it’s not the end of the world (yet) and it’s not the only times I could meet someone new. I should say that I don’t go out of my way to make these meetings happen, they just kind of happen.

Well, for the third time, I met someone the weekend after Valentine’s Day. It was sort of a last minute date/meet; we’re still currently “talking” and whether we end up dating remains to be seen.

This past weekend I volunteered at the annual conference again, but unfortunately didn’t meet anyone new. Womp womp womp. Ironically, I actually noticed a lot more guys attending the conference this year, than the previous years, that were questionably gay. So really, my odds seemed better, but still nothing happened and that’s ok.

I’m not surprised or bummed out that the streak is broken, since it’s not the only times I can meet someone new. For me, it was just more comical and quaint, and I was interested to see how long I would have this “good luck.” Then again, I’m still single… so meeting those guys couldn’t really have been so much good luck (though I did at least remain friends with two of them). Regardless, I look forward to future meets and dates, and who knows, maybe a new streak will begin.

Partially Present

Photo taken from Flickr user: Robert S. Donovan

Leap day today, meaning we have a February 29th in our calendars. For a day meant to get everything in sync, it sure throws me off. Here are 29 questions I have:

  1. Why is leap day at the end of the second month of the year?
  2. Why not add leap day to the end of December?
  3. Why is February 2-3 days shorter than all other months?
  4. How did the Romans decide the structure of the calendar?
  5. Do we really need to worry about the Earth’s rotation over time?

Ok, I only have 5. What I’m really more concerned about though are the babies who will be given birth to today, since today will not exist for another four years. How do you handle having a birthday that can only be accurately celebrated every four years? It’s like counting your birthday in dog years, only that instead of 7 it’s 4.

I find it weird that we can have a day that only partially exists in our calendars. I say, either get rid of it or add it permanently, and just have fun with whatever seasonal changes occur over time.

Friday The 13th

Did you know that the most times Friday the 13th can happen in a year is three? Well, this year will have all three of them, the first being today and the next two on April and July. I also heard that they happen to be 13 weeks apart. I counted, and they are indeed. The only way this could be even more interesting is if the year was 2013 instead of 2012.

There are two terms for those who are fearful of today, they are friggatriskaidekaphobia and paraskevidekatriaphobia. Whoever is responsible for starting this fear is probably laughing out loud in their grave somewhere. This person might possibly be Thomas W. Lawson, who wrote a book a hundred years ago, Friday, the Thirteenth, which is about crashing the stock market on the day of the week and number considered to be unlucky. Whatever the case may be, it’s funny how some things can catch fire and lead to such a large “following.”

There’s no real data to show that Friday the 13th is noticeably more dangerous than other days. But, even if you’re not superstitious it’s hard to ignore today’s preconceived bad luck and if you’re like me, you will second guess things you have planned to do. For example, I was planning on cutting my hair today but, supposedly, if you cut your hair on a Friday the 13th, someone in your family will die. While this may or may not be true, do I really want to test it? No. I just hope my family members can return the favor.