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I’m Back!

Photo taken from Flickr user: riekhavoc (caught up?)

Is it October already!?

Last time I posted a blog entry it was the beginning of May. Five months ago. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5!

Since then I’ve been busy with stuff.

Which leads me to why I stopped writing… While being busy was part of it, I basically ran out of ideas. Despite my inactivity, traffic has been better/busier over the past few months. Unfortunately, it’s been primarily due to people searching for Nicki Minaj’s album artwork (which I posted when I reviewed her album). Fail.

Anyways, I’ll be posting sporadically whenever I get an idea for something. First new entry will come tomorrow in the form of an album review for my favorite band’s new album. My blog is not intended to be just about music or album reviews per se, but that is generally easy (and enjoyable for me) to do.

I’ll try to vary it up. Keyword: try.

Jumping Right Up To The 1%

Photo taken from Flickr user: Robert S. Donovan

One individual may find themselves becoming one of the richest individuals in the country, and part of the 1% over night thanks to the Mega Millions lottery.

There’s so much craze due to the grand prize being so high, which has now gone up from 540 to 640 million dollars, making it the biggest US (and possibly world) lottery prize ever. Does that mean another 100 million dollars worth of tickets have been bought/sold within the last few days?

According to the information presented in this article, about $1.46 billion dollars worth of tickets have been bought/sold that has led to the $640 million sum. So, in other words, this whole lotto thing is a rip off, since everyone collectively has spent almost three times the amount of the prize and could have just given that money to each other. I don’t know how this whole lottery stuff works (i.e. how the money is divided, where it all goes, etc.) and I don’t care enough to research it. But I think it says a lot that people are willing to spend so much money on something so unlikely to pay out, instead of donating that same money elsewhere, where the money is very much needed (e.g.  their home, immediate communities, organizations, charities, etc.). I’m not judging, really I’m not.

I would never say it’s bad to buy one or as many lottery tickets as you may like, because it’s practically harmless, unless you break your own wallet trying to win. But I feel that if someone is meant to win, they’ll win whether they spend $1 or $100 or $1,000. Yes, theoretically your odds of winning increase with the more tickets you buy, but realistically your odds are so bad in the first place that it really makes little difference. Not to mention, there’s really no strategy of determining which numbers are more likely to be pulled out; if you win, it’s due to pure luck and faith and not because you’re smarter than everyone else in cracking the code.

One big concern of mine, because I’m such a thoughtful person (sarcasm), is what the winner will do with the money. At first I thought a much better idea would be to split the one $640 million prize to six-hundred-and-forty $1 million prizes. However, after further consideration, $1 million nowadays seems like pocket change, especially after taxes, and I think people are more likely to spend that little amount of money (sarcasm) purely on themselves, and not really consider helping and donating to those in need. This is purely my negative assumption of people, I’m sorry for that. Hopefully the winner will do great deeds with that large sum of money.

Anyways, I didn’t buy any lottery tickets. But, had I considered buying at least one ticket, these would have been my numbers: 2, 16, 24, 42, 56; 10 (FML if those turn out to be the numbers). Good luck to all!

Parents, Drug Use, and Wacky Names

After reading these items (New Study: Bad Baby Names Ruin Lives and Beezow Doo-Doo Zopittybop-Bop-Bop) and hearing about Beyonce’s baby’s name (Blue Ivy), I was inspired to make a post about names. Specifically, the weird, funny, or my-parents-must-have-been-high-when-they-named-me names.

I’m trying to understand the thought process behind choosing a name for your child(ren). And I’ve come to the conclusion that people who choose wacky names must be under the influence of some sort of substance. That’s because no one in their right mind would name their children anything weird. If they had any sense at all, they would realize that a ridiculous name would set the child up to be teased and not be taken seriously. Who wants that for their children?

Well, apparently some celebrities do. I guess celebrity children never really get to live a normal life, so might as well have a non-normal name to go with it. In the image below are real names of some celebrity children (taken from here).

My First Time

Yes, you read that right, I’m going to be writing about my first time!

We would all like our first time to be great, amazing, perfect even. Truth is, our first time, of anything we do, will most likely be one of the least successful endeavors we take. That’s fine, because after all it is our first time, not our last. Improvement is inevitable; we would hope at least.

Well, this is my first time writing a blog entry, at least in this new blog I’ve created. Years ago I made my own blog/website, which is still out there in the world wide web. If you can find it, you get a prize. Good luck! For this time around, my plan is to include a little bit of everything: thoughts, quotes, reviews, recommendations, etc. in any area of interest to me. Basically, I’m going to be all over the place until I find a niche for myself, if I ever do. If you have ANY ideas, send them to me.

As it’s to be expected, anything I write will be my opinion (unless otherwise stated). So if there’s anything you don’t agree with, are offended with, or don’t like, then I’m sorry in advance. Regardless of the circumstance, I welcome any dialogue/discussion about the things I post. If something I write in this blog is wrong, unclear, or just plain brilliant, give me the appropriate feedback. I don’t expect to have many followers, but it would be nice if people actually read my blog AND commented on posts. The point is, talk back to me.