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App Recommendation: Boost 2

Last week I downloaded this app, primarily because it was free for a limited time. Once I opened it, I was hooked.

It’s a very simple game with no tapping or swiping required. The only thing you have to do is tilt the phone to move, as you’re essentially “driving.” The object of the game is to avoid any cubes in your way and accumulate as many points as possible by lasting longer in the game.

You’ll be warned when a cube is coming your way by seeing a white row turn to a different color. Basically, you want to be on a white surface for as much as possible and not touch any cubes. You can also collect extra boost by passing over arrows that appear. The benefit of collecting these boosts is that if you hit a cube, then you don’t lose the game just yet; boosts are like lifelines. If you hit a cube without any boost, then the game is over.

The “driving range” changes, as the in-closed tube eventually starts to slowly open and closes out, it later closes in again. If you last long enough in the game, this process will continue to occur.

There are different game modes: in time trial you race against a one-minute clock, in classic you race for as long as possible, and there’s also multiplayer and survival mode (I have yet to try both).

It’s available in the iTunes Store for $0.99 and in the Android Market for $1.99. And, if you like this game, you might also like Cube Runner.