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The Bachelor/Bachelorette

Another season of The Bachelor is over, and of course the bachelor picked the one woman everyone tried to warn him about. I give them a few months…

Once upon a time, I’m a little embarrassed to say, I used to watch each season in its entirety. I stopped because I got tired of watching the same people be recycled from one season to another. It went something like this: one guy was the bachelor and had 25 women to choose from, one of the women he didn’t choose went on to be the new bachelorette with 25 men to choose from, one of the men she didn’t choose went on to be the new bachelor with 25 new women, and so on and so forth. This cycle has repeated itself about a dozen times now. Personally, I would prefer it if they chose a new person for each season that has no connection to the previous season(s).

Regardless, that’s not the main reason I stopped watching. I stopped watching because the show has lost its course. When it first began it was focused on giving people the opportunity to find a romantic match and a happily ever after. However as the years and seasons have gone by, the show has become more about stirring the drama, causing scandalous moments, and giving us the most shocking rose ceremony ever. Sure, everyone likes to watch juicy TV moments, but at some point these moments stop being tolerable, especially given the purpose of the show.

It’s difficult to take the show seriously when A) the people being selected are kind of cuckoo, B) there’s always the one contestant that comes in with a bad agenda, C) people can come and go as they like for a second chance, and D) the biggest one of them all, only one couple out of all the seasons has had a real success story. The show doesn’t really work anymore, so to speak, since people don’t stay together or engaged for much time. I think part of the problem is that all of the parties involved go into it convinced that they’re going to fall in love, so in that sense, the relationships are being forced.

Don’t get me wrong though, if they had a gay version of this show I would totally apply for it. In fact there has been at least one other dating show that was for the gay community, but that one was even more screwed up because it purposely inserted (no pun) three straight guys into the mix and made the gay bachelor think they were actually gay. But I digress. My point is, I’m jealous of the process and of the activities they get to do on The Bachelor/Bachelorette. Despite the drama, it looks like they have fun half of the time with all of the romantic dates, unique activities, traveling, exotic locations, and fantasy suites. For example, this past season I did manage to catch one episode where they got to hike up the Bay Bridge; that would be so cool to do!

Anyways, the individuals involved are not given a fair opportunity to find love anymore. The show is no longer as innocent and as honest as it used to be, and I’m surprised it’s still on the air. Producers, it’s time to go back to what this show used to be!

App Recommendation: Boost 2

Last week I downloaded this app, primarily because it was free for a limited time. Once I opened it, I was hooked.

It’s a very simple game with no tapping or swiping required. The only thing you have to do is tilt the phone to move, as you’re essentially “driving.” The object of the game is to avoid any cubes in your way and accumulate as many points as possible by lasting longer in the game.

You’ll be warned when a cube is coming your way by seeing a white row turn to a different color. Basically, you want to be on a white surface for as much as possible and not touch any cubes. You can also collect extra boost by passing over arrows that appear. The benefit of collecting these boosts is that if you hit a cube, then you don’t lose the game just yet; boosts are like lifelines. If you hit a cube without any boost, then the game is over.

The “driving range” changes, as the in-closed tube eventually starts to slowly open and closes out, it later closes in again. If you last long enough in the game, this process will continue to occur.

There are different game modes: in time trial you race against a one-minute clock, in classic you race for as long as possible, and there’s also multiplayer and survival mode (I have yet to try both).

It’s available in the iTunes Store for $0.99 and in the Android Market for $1.99. And, if you like this game, you might also like Cube Runner.

Super Bowl XLVI

Let me start off by saying: I know very little about football. I don’t know the rules, the terms, or the players very well.

But what I do know is this:

  • Tom Brady and the Patriots have a reputation of being the top dogs, where as Eli Manning and the Giants are more of the under dogs… until now.
  • Rewind to Super Bowl XXXVI, XXXVIII, and XXXIX, the Patriots won those three championships.
  • Rewind to Super Bowl XLII, the Giants actually beat the Patriots, 17-14.
  • This past season, despite the number of games won-lost, the Giants have gotten more praise for their game plays and defense than the Patriots.
  • Rewind to week 9 of the regular season: the Giants beat the Patriots, 24-20.
  • Total points in the regular season: the Patriots scored 499 and the Giants scored 380.

From what I’ve gathered, Tom Brady has a lot to prove in this game. He and his team have not made it to a Super Bowl in the last three years, and in their last appearance four years ago they actually lost to their opponents for this year. They’re still a competent team, as they only lost three games this season, although, one of the teams they lost to are the Giants. Clearly, they are not as hot as they were a few years ago, when they were undefeated. Personal side note: if I’m Tom Brady, I’ll do anything I can to redeem myself and tie the record for most Super Bowl wins by a QB.

On the other hand, Eli Manning and the Giants have made it this far but I don’t think many people expected them to do so at the beginning of the season. Eli Manning has a lot to prove as well. However, I think it’s on a lesser scale as there’s less pressure on him. Despite having a not so good record this season, they did manage to beat last year’s Super Bowl champions, the Green Bay Packers, who were one game short of being undefeated, to move on to the playoffs. Personal side note: if I’m Eli Manning, I’m probably dying to take one more step out of my brother’s shadow.

The Giants have been on a hot streak lately, but the Patriots have been consistent overall. My Prediction: the Patriots beat the Giants, 31-23.