About me:
Despite the name of this blog, I am in fact a human being, a gay male in his mid 20s to be precise. I have a bachelor’s degree and I’m currently taking a break from school before I go back for my master’s degree. I like to write, it’s the best way I can convey my thoughts, so I’m using this site as my platform to do that and my outlet to put it out there.

About the blog:
It’s about nothing in specific. I realize that makes it less likely to gain interest, but I don’t have enough interest in any one topic to dedicate one entire blog to it. Most everything I write will include my thoughts and opinions, and posts will vary from current events, to music, to dating, to quotes, to any random stuff I can think of.

The name:
Robot and thick-skinned are two ways to describe myself. Put the two together, and you get thick-skinned robot. It’s an oxymoron, since robots, the kind we imagine of, do not have skin. Clever, right?

Unless otherwise attributed, pictures posted in this blog are my own. Pictures that are covers to items (albums, books, movies, phone apps, etc.) are obviously not my own.

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