Album Review: Strange Clouds by B.o.B

1. Bombs Away, 2. Ray Bands, 3. So Hard To Breathe, 4. Both Of Us, 5. Strange Clouds, 6. So Good, 7. Play For Keeps, 8. Arena, 9. Out Of My Mind, 10. Never Let You Go, 11. Chandelier, 12. Circles, 13. Just A Sign, 14. Castles, 15. Where Are You

One thing about B.o.B is that he sure does hold himself on a high pedestal and he’s not afraid to proclaim it. A lot of his songs involve him rapping about how good he is, this is a constant theme. It gets to be a little too much self-boasting, however, and even he points it out in the closing track Where Are You (B.o.B vs. Bobby Ray) when he (B.o.B) tells himself (Bobby Ray), “now on your records all that you do is brag.” If admitting your problem is the first step to recovery, then B.o.B is well on his way to recovering himself.

B.o.B also raps a lot about where he has been and where he is now. It’s another constant theme, one of self-reflection, which creates various dualities (past and present, poor and rich, struggles and success, etc). For this, listen to the songs So Hard To Breathe, Both Of Us, Chandelier, and Castles. These songs set up a classic case of you can’t please everyone, as some are happy for him but some are disappointed in who he has become.

Another set of songs, Ray Bands, So Good, Never Let You Go, and Circles are geared towards the love interest route.

Considering that rap is not my genre of preference, I still found this album to be tolerable and listenable. Album rating: 3/5.

Favorite Song: Chandelier [ft. Lauriana Mae]

“What’s a song if it don’t have words?
What’s the word if it don’t get heard?
You can paint it anyway that you like
How can you get the picture if it come out blurred?
What life taught me can’t be unlearned
And every bridge can’t be unburned”

Least Favorite Song: Circles

Other Songs I Enjoyed: So Hard To Breathe, Both Of Us, So Good, Out Of My Mind

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