Album Review: Picture Show by Neon Trees

1. Moving In The Dark, 2. Teenage Sounds, 3. Everybody Talks, 4. Mad Love, 5. Weekend, 6. Lessons In Love (All Day, All Night), 7. Trust, 8. Close To You, 9. Hooray For Hollywood, 10. Still Young, 11. I Am The D.J.

At first I wasn’t a fan of this group’s popular song Animal, but it eventually grew on me… just now, about two years after its release. And though I have yet to take a full listen to their first album, Habits, I was intrigued enough to listen to this second album, Picture Show.

The big picture theme on this album is one that can be found in almost any album, and that’s a theme about love. More than half of the songs cover this topic. One smaller theme is about fantasy and desire, as found in Everybody Talks, Weekend, Close To You, and Still Young. The remaining songs have no real connection to each other in terms of topics, but of course do have musical similarities.

  • Moving In The Dark: Fun and fast paced song that has a church/choir feel, yet it also reminds me a little bit of Animal at times. Presumably talking about having sex and blowing your worries away (no pun), based on the line “Set fire with just a little spark, that’s how it goes when you’re moving in the dark.”
  • Teenage Sounds: A unique song about the music industry, and being unhappy with where it’s at. Has a faster pace than the opening track.
  • Everybody Talks: I interpret this song being about an unattainable love that is only attained by making it up through rumors/gossip/chatter. The chorus is catchy, but not the strongest first-single option.
  • Mad Love: Slower tempo song, about a couple being inseparable, indestructible, and in-love, Features a female voice for parts of it.
  • Weekend: Living a fantasy love dream, even if for just a short time, or at least that’s what I gather from the repetitive “We can pretend, pretend for the weekend” line.
  • Lessons In Love (All Day, All Night): This song is a collaboration with Kaskade, and there are different versions for each others’ albums. I prefer the one on this album over the one in Kaskade’s album. And it would have been a much better first single choice.
  • Trust: About being honest, because it all comes back to bite you. The longest song of the bunch that starts with a nice piano melody that I wish would have made up more of the song instead of the electro sounds that follow.
  • Close To You: Mellow song, about wanting, and asking to be with someone, perhaps to protect them? Not sure…
  • Hooray For Hollywood: Sort of a Hollywood homage as it mentions many stars that have passed away.
  • Still Young: Wanting to have someone come back and live in the moment? Again, not sure… The chorus is the best part.
  • I Am The D.J.: Metaphorical song with the DJ/record representing the “me/you” relationship.

Is this album amazing enough to blow my mind away? No. But it’s good enough to have me wanting more. Album rating: 3.75/5.

Favorite Song: Lessons In Love (All Day, All Night)

“All day, all night
I got the lights in my eyes
And I’m falling for you
Keep cool, stay tough
But that’s never enough
And these are the lessons in love

All day, all night
I got the lights in my eyes
And I’m falling for you
Keep cool, stay young
I’m just having my fun
With the lessons in love”

Least Favorite Song: I Am The D.J.

Other Songs I Enjoyed: Moving In The Dark, Teenage Sounds, Trust, Close To You

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