Album Review: MDNA by Madonna

1. Girl Gone Wild, 2. Gang Bang, 3. I’m Addicted, 4. Turn Up The Radio, 5. Give Me All Your Luvin’, 6. Some Girls, 7. Superstar, 8. I Don’t Give A, 9. I’m A Sinner, 10. Love Spent, 11. Masterpiece, 12. Falling Free, 13. Beautiful Killer, 14. I F***** Up, 15. B-Day Song, 16. Best Friend

Right off the bat we get started with an addicting dance song in Girl Gone Wild, unfortunately though, I feel it’s the only real dance song of the album, as most other songs would require a remix to play in a club. Moving on to the second song we have Gang Bang, which is a very-dark-in-content-fast-paced-techno-inspired track about beating someone to the punch (she kills her lover, who was gunning to kill her). These two first tracks are easily my favorite ones from this album.

As for the themes in this album, there appears to be two of them. The first is one of idolization (of a man), and can be found in the songs I’m Addicted (her man’s love is her drug), Superstar (her man having all the right qualities), Masterpiece (a perfect man, who’s hard to love), and Beautiful Killer (a man who is a beautiful killer?). The other reoccurring theme is of referencing her ex-husband, or so I think it is, as she touches on a former love in I Don’t Give A (moving on, holding her head high, and not caring what people say), Love Spent (wishing someone had loved her as much as they did her/his money), Falling Free (coming together just to go their separate ways), I F***** Up (taking the blame for a failed relationship), and Best Friend (having lost a best friend and no one being able to fill that void). The remaining songs are mainly happy and fun sounding, two of which have a retro 80’s and 60’s feel (Turn Up The Music and B-Day Song, respectively).

At first listen, I thought this album had a strong start, but was lack luster overall. On a second listen, I felt it sounded better and more cohesive. For the most part, I feel it’s a mellow pop album despite having some upbeat background sounds. Album rating: 3/5.

Favorite Song: Gang Bang (and also Girl Gone Wild)

“I thought you were good
But you painted me bad
Compared to the others
You’re the best thing I had

Bang Bang, shot you dead
Bang Bang, shot you dead”

Least Favorite Song: I F***** Up

Other Songs I Enjoyed: I’m Addicted, Give Me All Your Luvin’, I’m A Sinner, Beautiful Killer


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