Fighting Against Fray

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I find the recent attention on the KONY 2012 campaign quite interesting. On the one hand, we should all be aware of what’s going on in other countries, so might as well take advantage of social media to bring about that awareness. On the other hand, I question the commitment and real intentions of those taking part of such campaigns.

Let me say, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with reposting a link or video online. I think it’s great that people are watching and sharing this issue, after all it may be seen by someone who will want to take non-virtual action, and that would be a step in the right direction. What I don’t think is great is that people will see something and forget about it the next day (not literally) or simply won’t take further action.

Am I disgusted by what’s happening to the children in Uganda? Yes. If I were to repost that video online, would I take any further action besides that? Honestly, probably not. This statement must make me sound careless, but I don’t believe I’m the only one who wouldn’t take further action. I’m confident to think that at least 90% of the people reposting that video online are not taking any further action on the issue.

You should want to be part of something not because it’s the latest viral epidemic, but because it’s truly an issue that you’re interested in. We all have our personal connections to different issues, and we can’t possibly devote time to every single issue in the world. It’s up to everyone to choose the issues that are top priorities for them and devote the appropriate time and attention to them.

Fighting for a cause shouldn’t begin and end with watching a video and/or by reposting a link. It can start that way, but it should definitely not stop there. If you really want to help, get involved by doing the research necessary and by continually asking questions to better educate yourself on the issue; become an advocate for it. As much as we would all like to help make the world a better place, focusing on one link, one bad guy, one organization, and one issue won’t accomplish that. It’s a start, but it takes much more than that.


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