Partially Present

Photo taken from Flickr user: Robert S. Donovan

Leap day today, meaning we have a February 29th in our calendars. For a day meant to get everything in sync, it sure throws me off. Here are 29 questions I have:

  1. Why is leap day at the end of the second month of the year?
  2. Why not add leap day to the end of December?
  3. Why is February 2-3 days shorter than all other months?
  4. How did the Romans decide the structure of the calendar?
  5. Do we really need to worry about the Earth’s rotation over time?

Ok, I only have 5. What I’m really more concerned about though are the babies who will be given birth to today, since today will not exist for another four years. How do you handle having a birthday that can only be accurately celebrated every four years? It’s like counting your birthday in dog years, only that instead of 7 it’s 4.

I find it weird that we can have a day that only partially exists in our calendars. I say, either get rid of it or add it permanently, and just have fun with whatever seasonal changes occur over time.


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