My First Time

Yes, you read that right, I’m going to be writing about my first time!

We would all like our first time to be great, amazing, perfect even. Truth is, our first time, of anything we do, will most likely be one of the least successful endeavors we take. That’s fine, because after all it is our first time, not our last. Improvement is inevitable; we would hope at least.

Well, this is my first time writing a blog entry, at least in this new blog I’ve created. Years ago I made my own blog/website, which is still out there in the world wide web. If you can find it, you get a prize. Good luck! For this time around, my plan is to include a little bit of everything: thoughts, quotes, reviews, recommendations, etc. in any area of interest to me. Basically, I’m going to be all over the place until I find a niche for myself, if I ever do. If you have ANY ideas, send them to me.

As it’s to be expected, anything I write will be my opinion (unless otherwise stated). So if there’s anything you don’t agree with, are offended with, or don’t like, then I’m sorry in advance. Regardless of the circumstance, I welcome any dialogue/discussion about the things I post. If something I write in this blog is wrong, unclear, or just plain brilliant, give me the appropriate feedback. I don’t expect to have many followers, but it would be nice if people actually read my blog AND commented on posts. The point is, talk back to me.


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